Why choose Sell 2 Recycle?

Sell 2 Recycle is the best place to sell your iPhone SE. Here's why:

  • Get an amazing price for your iPhone SE
  • Contribute to the planet by recycling your old phone
  • Easy and convenient process
  • Work with trusted recyclers
  • Quick payment options

How to sell your iPhone SE

Follow these simple steps to sell your iPhone SE with Sell 2 Recycle:

  1. Compare offers: Enter the details of your iPhone SE and see the best prices
  2. Choose an offer: Select the offer that suits you
  3. Provide your details: Enter your information and follow the instructions from the recycler
  4. Send your device: Use the provided postage pack or follow the mailing instructions
  5. Get paid: Once the recycler receives and checks your iPhone SE, you'll receive your payment via your preferred method

Selling a damaged iPhone SE

If your iPhone SE is damaged, don't worry. You can still sell it with Sell 2 Recycle:

  • Specify the condition: Use the filter to indicate that your iPhone SE is broken
  • Get adjusted prices: You'll see prices that reflect the condition of your iPhone SE
  • Reuse or recycle: Even if your iPhone SE is broken, it can still be used for parts or refurbished for reuse

How much can you sell your iPhone SE for?

Check the table above for the latest offers from mobile recyclers for your iPhone SE. The price may vary based on the condition, storage, and whether the phone is locked or unlocked.

When is the best time to sell your iPhone SE?

It's recommended to sell your iPhone SE before iPhone's annual launch event held each year. This way, you can attract a higher price and avoid the market flood of old devices.

Payment timescale

Once you send your iPhone SE to the recycler, you can expect to receive your payment within a week. Most recyclers process payments within one to two days of receiving the device.

Other iPhone models you can sell

At Sell 2 Recycle, we accept a wide range of iPhone models, including the latest ones like and older handsets such as . Check out our full list of iPhone models.

Frequently asked questions

Can I sell my iPhone SE if it's water damaged?

Yes, you can sell a water damaged iPhone SE. However, some recyclers may not accept it due to the extent of the damage. It's best to check with the recycler directly.

Can I sell my iPhone SE if it's broken?

Yes, you can sell a broken iPhone SE. Even if it has a cracked screen or damaged exterior, experts can fix it.

What happens to my iPhone once it's been traded in?

If your iPhone is in good condition, it may be sold for reuse. If it's badly damaged, its components may be used to refurbish other iPhone models. Any unusable parts will be disposed of safely to prevent landfill waste.

Sell your iPhone SE here at Sell 2 Recycle and you'll get an amazing price, as well as peace of mind knowing that you've done your bit for the planet.

Sell my iPhone SE

If you're looking to sell your iPhone SE, then Sell 2 Recycle is the best place for you. We work with dozens of recyclers to ensure you get a great price for your old phone and that it is reused, refurbished or recycled to the highest standards.

How do I sell my iPhone SE?

It couldn't be easier to use Sell 2 Recycle to sell your iPhone SE. Here's how:

  1. Compare offers
    Take a look at the table above for current offers on the iPhone SE. Tell us how much storage your phone has, then let us know whether it's locked or unlocked and if it's broken. We'll then show you the best prices
  2. Send your device in
    Pick the offer you like the look of, then click it to go straight to the recycler and enter your details. Then they'll send you a postage pack or mail instructions for your iPhone SE
  3. Get paid
    Your chosen recycler will check your iPhone SE over so they can see it's in the condition they're expecting. After that, they'll send your money using your preferred payment method - bank transfer, cheque or PayPal

Can I sell my iPhone SE if it's damaged?

Absolutely. There's no problem selling a damaged iPhone SE with a cracked screen or scratched and dented frame. All you need to do is hit the 'broken' button on the filter so recyclers can see that it's not in perfect condition. You'll then see prices that reflect that.

Remember you'll get slightly less for a broken iPhone SE, but that it can still be used for its parts or reconditioned and sold on for reuse.

In some cases, however, phones are too damaged to be sold. See our guide to selling a broken phone for more.

How much can I sell my iPhone SE for?

See the table above for the most up-to-date offers from mobile recyclers on your iPhone SE.

You'll be able to get more money for a model in better condition with higher storage, and unlocked phones tend to sell for more too.

When is the best time to trade in my iPhone SE?

It's a smart idea to trade in your iPhone SE before iPhone's annual iPhone launch event, held each year. That way you'll attract a higher price and not get caught out when the market is flooded with lots of old devices as consumers clamour for the latest version of iPhone's smartphone.

How long does it take to get paid?

Once you send off your iPhone SE to your recycler, you should be paid within a week via PayPal, bank transfer and cheque. Most will pay you within one to two days of receipt.

Why should I trade in my phone with Sell 2 Recycle?

Trading in your iPhone SE with Sell 2 Recycle is great for loads of reasons. Yes, you'll get a great price and money in your pocket. But you'll also ensure that none of the toxic materials that are used to make smartphones end up in landfill. Your old phone will either be sold on as it is, reconditioned or carefully recycled. That way, we all win.

What other iPhone can I sell?

At Sell 2 Recycle, virtually all old iPhone can be traded in. That includes the , and older handsets such as the . All iPhone